One of the more popular trends to get consumers engaged with a brand is Gamification. Making the interaction with a brand into a game gives consumers incentive to return, because it makes the experience more fun. Challenges of chance and skill, that are enhanced by rewards or prizes, draw consumers in, aiding retention and positive word of mouth.

With Firebolt’s IoT activated technology, previously mundane shopping locations can be turned into interactive gaming stations. Loyalty cards that activate daily chances to win, not only promote the loyalty program itself, but can also be partnered with other brands to promote their products through the rewards. With IoT, the station also records valuable statistical data of the consumers playing the game, which can help shape future campaigns and offers.

One example of gamification that was custom developed by the Firebolt company Envisage, was a partnership between a gas station chain and Mountain Dew. Starting with an interactive screen where customers could swipe their rewards card, they were then invited to play an onscreen game for a chance to win a Mountain Dew from the attached refrigerator. If players didn’t win they could still get an instant coupon redeemable at the cash register for a discounted drink, increasing sales for Mountain Dew. With the chance for a daily win, customers are more likely to come back to the store to try their luck again. It also creates a value add for the loyalty program.

Gamification can be applied to many types of retail and adapted to fit within the brand messaging of different companies or products. The team of experts at Firebolt can craft an interactive display or piece of technology that fits into your campaign needs, and best interacts with your customers. Contact Firebolt today and request a demo to see how harnessing the power of gaming can enhance your next customer engagement strategy.