Keeping up with digital trends is an important part of the consumer experience. For Auto Dealerships, creating a seamless transition between their online and in-store experience is paramount. Our team of experts at Envisage, a Firebolt company, took a lead role in the development of Digital Retailing and eMenu services, a mobile based system that bridges the gap between the traditional and digital shopping experiences. This mobile application has become the go-to partner for DealerTrack, used by dealerships all throughout the country.

DealerTrack was seeking a way to match the mobile experience buyers have grown accustomed to in the retail environment and provide that interface in the dealer showroom. Envisage developed eMenu to provide customers immediate access to after-market options applicable to their current vehicle purchase, delivered in a familiar mobile package. Incorporating this customization into the check-out process makes it easier and more likely for them to add on options to their purchase.

eMenu software is installed on a tablet, most commonly an iPad, and provided to the customer in their final stages of purchasing or leasing their vehicle. The interface allows the user to drag-and-drop offerings and accessories and see the changes in real-time through multimedia content. This ability to see add-on features visualized instantly has resulted in increased sales on automotive financial products and services. In addition to creating a superior customer experience, the software also provides excellent tracking and data capture for the dealership. Real-time surveys and ability to analyze declined options make it a powerful sales tool for associates.

The eMenu development by our Envisage team is one of the many examples of software innovation we pride ourselves in to create enhanced customer engagement. To learn more about eMenu for DealerTrack visit our website or contact us for more information about the many engagement software solutions we provide.