Retailers have faced a continuing challenge when it comes to creating compelling experiences for customers. Year after year, most stores rely on the same predictable promotions, events, and seasonal themes, with signs and displays installed for one time use at considerable cost and effort.

In contrast, the online customer experience is dynamic, ever-changing, and can be easily and completely customized to each individual. Drawing these online customers back into the in-store environment, and interacting with them at this level, requires a new approach to customer engagement.

Imagine a retail experience that could change as dynamically as the online experience. A display that could become aware of the real-time behavior of customers who were physically present and configure itself accordingly – and those changes implemented continuously and automatically, at no incremental cost.

With Firebolt IOT signs, powered by Envisage technology, bridging the gap between the retail space and the online experience is now possible. The most successful marketing and sales techniques from the online world can be delivered while still maintaining the real, tangible, and physical experience for buyers.

Firebolt designs dynamic displays that can instantly change the feel of the space, send messages, create mood, and convey almost any kind of information. With customized sensors and programmable interface, these signs can capture customer profiles to adapt to who they are, what their needs might be, and what advertising could be most effective based on that profile. As customers are more engaged by interactivity, with features such as touchscreens and mobile app integration, in-store activations increase.

But IOT signs are not just limited to dynamic messaging. They can relay real-time inventory data and environmental conditions back to distributors and retailers. At any moment a company can see where their products are selling best, the temperature where they are placed, and statistical data on customers that have purchased the product. Because Firebolt develops the technology for each IOT sign or installation precisely for the needs of the retailer, the type of smart data transmitted can be customized and adapted to each individual situation.

Contact us today to see how we can move your retail messaging into the future with eye-catching, dynamic, and interactive displays sure to delight and engage customers, while simultaneously improving your target marketing and ROI.