Pop-up retail at sporting events, concerts, and festivals is a great way to engage with customers directly and reach new audiences. Because consumers still prefer to see products in person when purchasing, even though they increasingly shop online, pop-up retail answers this by bringing the products to the consumer. These mobile retail environments provide the knowledge and experience to customers they would get from a main retail location, with the convenience of being where they already are. When paired with Engage360 you have the perfect recipe for engaging customers and creating long-term relationships.

Monster has upped the game of pop-up retail by adding multi-sensory immersion to their customer experience. Listening stations were set up for customers to try out the headphone styles, and computers for customers to enter contests. Providing an interactive experience in exchange for data capture is a great way to keep track of engaged customers. Engage360 can be designed around pop-up immersion experiences to simplify data gathering and follow-ups with those customers.

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