Companies consolidate, acquire, and otherwise make deals to expand their capabilities and make it easier to demonstrate their value to their customer base through the combined offering. Firebolt Group’s acquisition of Envisage Engagement Technologies is a prime example.

As a premium manufacturer of cutting-edge acrylic signs and custom solutions, I sought a way to expand our offering. We needed a creative partner with specific skills who could help us move into new arenas and help our clients set themselves apart with something truly unique. Envisage’s innovation in interactive tools really stood out as we reviewed our options. Combining Firebolt expertise in hardware, digital signage, and fabrication with Envisage event marketing and mobile messaging capabilities allows us to provide an integrated one-stop-shopping experience to brands looking for never-before-seen way to advertise.

Our first collaboration generated great results, and a path toward acquisition began to materialize. Since the merger, our association continues to amplify what both firms can achieve. From mobile in-store messaging to e-menus and interactive video displays, our partnership allows us to continue to push into fast-growing territories and lay claim to great opportunities in proximity services and IOT solutions. Stay tuned to see more opportunities to combine best-in-class tools to engage customers in new and exciting ways.

Philip Ochtman
CEO Firebolt Group